Tourist Attractions in New York City

New York City is one of the most heavily populated cosmopolitan cities in the world. It’s located in the Northeastern portion of the United States and is home to over eight million people crammed into a land area of only three hundred and five square miles. This city has historically exerted a worldwide influence over the areas of fashion, industry, commerce and entertainment. It is also the location for the United Nations, and as such exerts an influence over politics and global affairs.

The city can be divided into five distinct boroughs which include Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhatten and The Bronx. Each borough is known for its unique social stratification and topography.

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New York City has a rich history that goes all the way to 1624. This was when it was originally founded as a trading post for the Dutch government. Its original name was New Amsterdam, a name it kept until 1664 when the colony came under British rule. From 1785 to 1790, New York City was the capital of the United States. The capital was then moved to Washington, DC.

New York is considered to be a true cosmopolitan city with over a third of its inhabitants being born outside of the United States. Over one hundred and seventy languages are spoken here. The city is known worldwide by its many monikers which include “The Big Apple”, “Gotham City” and “The city that never sleeps”

New York City has so many attractions available to tourist and visitors that it’s almost an exercise in futility to list them all. But, one of the most distinctive and world renowned landmarks is the Statue Of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty, officially known as the “Statue Of Liberty Enlightening The World” is positioned on a twelve acre island known as Liberty Island. The Statue Of Liberty was a gift from the people of France and was dedicated on October 28, 1886.

A part of the Statue Of Liberty Monument is Ellis Island. This island is located at the mouth of the Hudson River in New York Harbor. Between 1892 through 1954 it was the main entry point for all immigration into the United States. During this time more then twelve million visitors passed through here. Ellis Island sits on approximately twenty six acres and is connected to The Statue Of Liberty Park by a bridge. The island was first opened to tourists in 1976 and in 1990 an immigration museum was added.

Another historic attraction not to be missed by visitors is Grand Central Terminal, otherwise known as Grand Central Station. This building located in Manhattan is a splendid Beaux Arts building built in 1913. It has since been renovated to return it to its previous glory. It is now a major transportation hub. Another Manhattan attraction popular to visitors is Rockefeller Plaza. This art deco inspired building was built during the Great Depression. Visitors here can get travel information, driving directions and history of the city here. One of the most popular attractions to visitors of New York is the American Museum Of Natural History. This museum contains exhibits which cover a wide range of topics including science and technology. These exhibits are spread across four floors, offering a challenging and interesting collection of knowledge for guest of all ages who are eager to feed their mind and expand their horizons.

For lovers of the arts, the Metropolitan Museum Of Art has exhibits to feed the senses and the imagination. Accommodating over five million visitors each and every year, this museum offers attractions for just about everyone. These include displays on Roman statues and Rembrandt paintings to ancient Egyptian and Asian works of art. Each day there are several volunteer led tours showcasing the museums many exhibits. Another fantastic New York museum is the Museum Of Modern Art. This museum was founded in 1929 as a way to showcase modern art. It contains a great collection of contemporary art that is constantly changing so repeat visitors to the museum will always have something new to look forward to.

A great way to unwind from the hustle and bustle of the New York streets is to take a nice stroll through its most famous park, Central Park. This immense eight hundred and forty three acre park offers visitors a respite from the clamor and din of the surrounding city landscape. Its many amenities include winding paths, Victorian inspired landmarks and fountains. While in Central Park, don’t forget to schedule a visit to the Central Park Zoo. Opened in 1988, this zoo offers an impressive collection of animals including monkeys, birds, penguins, reptiles and even insects. Located within the zoo is a petting zoo where children can get up close and personal to many different types of animals.

An ever popular way to get a great view of New York Harbor is the Staten Island Ferry. This ferry operates twenty four hours a day and offers rides to commuters traveling between Lower Manhattan and Staten Island. It’s excellent for anyone looking to hitch a ride to the Statue Of Liberty or get a better view of New York Harbor.

Visitors to New York are sure to be amazed by the quantity and diversity of the restaurants, bars and nightclubs that are located there. This is truly a cosmopolitan city that serves cuisine from all over the world. This city also offers an impressively diverse selection of hotels too. There are hotel accommodations for just about any budget and they range from the very inexpensive all the way to ultra expensive luxury hotels. Some of the more famous hotels in New York include the Broadway Plaza Hotel, the Four Seasons, Grammercy Park Hotel, the Grand Hyatt and the Library Hotel. Other notable hotels include the Mohonk Mountain House, Le Parker Meridian House and the Hotel Plaza Athenee. But, no matter which one you choose you can be sure that you will have a pleasant stay and easy access to the cities most prized landmarks and historic locales.